Rewards Store

Swap your things for things you want.

1. Declutter & Save

Give away your unwanted items and get things you need in return.

2. Earn Caps

Earn unlimited Caps when you Sell your Items, Complete Surveys, Watch Video Ads, and more!

3. Cash Out

Spend Caps to get great items from other people or cash out for paypal / gift cards, no minimum!

Welcome to the SwapCaps Rewards Store! If you cant find any other users selling something that you'd like, you can always cash out through this page.

Gift Cards are priced at $1/100caps, with a 5% fee (you see the full price below). This is so there is room for other users to compete against us, and to encourage trading with other members.

Out of stock cards are restocked in 1-3 business days.

Shipping Address Verified

SwapCaps is based around the idea of using caps to swap items back and forth with other users. An important milestone is becoming Shipping Address Verified - receiving an item in the mail. This confirms your address on file is valid and gives sellers trust in knowing they are sending your items to a working address.

You can become Shipping Address Verified by receiving an item in the mail (any item). We have some options below.
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Digital Gift Codes

Cashout your caps directly with SwapCaps via Gift Cards below or check out all 434 Digital Items from the Community Marketplace.
Digital Delivery - Get your digital code within 7 days.
Digital Delivery - Get your digital code instantly.
Reddit Gold

Digital Delivery

BUY: 263 caps

$10 Google Play

Digital Delivery

BUY: 1,050 caps

$10 Karma Koin

Digital Delivery

BUY: 1,050 caps

$10 Runescape

Digital Delivery

BUY: 1,050 caps

1,000 Tera EMP

Digital Delivery

BUY: 1,332 caps

Roblox $25

Digital Delivery

BUY: 2,625 caps

Netflix - $30

Digital Delivery

BUY: 3,150 caps

Physical Gift Cards & Items

These gift cards are mailed to you directly from SwapCaps! Gift Cards over $20 in value will come with Tracking & Delivery Confirmation.